Electric Vehicle Masterclass

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May 18 - June 13, 2020


9.30 AM to 5.00 PM

Why you should learn ?

Electric Vehicle Masterclass is a 4-week intensive hands-on learning program that will be held at Decibels Lab, Bangalore. You will be engaged with the team of experts to design, build and test an electric vehicle from scratch. You will be guided by our expert team to follow the standard industry procedures and protocols for the design, validation, and testing of sub-systems and the electric vehicle.

The outcome of this Masterclass will help you to identify the career in the EV sector. And also, you will gain experience in handling projects under the mentorship of the decibels team. With the smaller team size of students, well-planned curriculum, expert training team and matched infrastructure at Decibels Lab, we ensure to provide the world-class learning experience and make you an EV expert by end of the master course. 

Electric Vehicle Masterclass

Course Details

  1. 1

    Foundation to EV

    Understand all the subsystems such as Traction battery, BMS, Charger, Traction motor, Motor controller, Safety circuits & peripherals in EV

  2. 2

    Traction battery tech. (Li-ion)

    Learn the detail chemistry of Li cells, live demo on cell testing & characterization, getting deeper into cell safety & hands on with cell cut section

  3. 3

    Numerical modeling of Li-ion cell

    Model the Li-ion cell in Sci lab with parameters such as charging, discharging, degradation, cycle life & more

  4. 4


    Build Build a BMS, Develop battery SOC algorithms, test & validate the BMS algorithms

  5. 5


    Learn the tech of chargers & design parameters of EV chargers

  6. 6

    Traction Motors

    Understanding the various types of motors, Numerical Modeling of the motor, dive deeper to study the vehicle demand charestrics on motor, region of operation & optimization of motor operating points

  7. 7

    Motor control

    Learn the foundation about control methods, begin the motor control with ST & TI development boards and write the logics for motor control

  8. 8

    Model the Vehicle In Sci lab

    Model the EV for Battery & Motor sizing needs, understand the cell & motor selection parameters, test the model for various drive cycles and build a case study on effect of vehicle parameters on sizing

  9. 9

    Build a Electric Bike

    Utilizing the all the knowledge gained during the above sessions, you will have to form a team to design the EV from scratch, build it, test it live and work on tuning on motor controller & BMS to achieve the project goals


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Electric Vehicle Masterclass